The Laughing Stalk
Release Date: September 11, 2012
North American Label: Sounds Familyre
European Label:  Glitterhouse Records
David Eugene Edwards: guitar, piano, banjo, and vocals
Sir Charles French: guitar
Gregory Garcia: bass
Jeffery Linsenmeier: organ
Ordy Garrison: drums

The Laughing Stalk mines the bottomless chasm of a desperate man at the mercy of an inscrutable God. The rhythms are insistent, the guitars unyielding, and melodies are potent and unrestrained. David Eugene Edwards is as much a force of nature as ever, pulling the entire band forward with the strength of his voice, as if it had its own gravitational field. One can't quite grab a hold of a singular style each note is informed by the royal heritages and traditions of punk, of country, of rock & roll, industrial, and Native American music. This limited deluxe LP includes the full album on CD, and a hand-printed letterpress cover art/poster (limited edition to 2000).