Black Of The Ink
Release Date: 12/08/2011 
Format: Book + CD · Catalog-No: GRCD 732
This is only available for mail order via Glitterhouse Records
David Eugene Edwards and his reinterpretation of Folk Music in his very own way.

"The myths of our country are in the songs. The untold stories and gaps in history books are in the songs – our recollection is preserved in this music. Those songs as well as the stories that my parents told me, the bible and the books I read, all this is the foundation of my imagination of America. But I do not see myself as a keeper of tradition. I rather am a craftsman who on a daily basis does what he does best: singing and playing guitar. That’s the only thing I‘ve learned. I am following the music. So when I sing about my own experiences they are always influenced by America. And America is a vast country. And America is always the beginning of an idea.“ (DEE)

After six groundbreaking long-play records under the name of Wovenhand, David Eugene Edwards –in conjunction with Glitterhouse Records – released the synopsis of his work titled Black of the Ink. Oral history turns into written history. Black of the Ink is a 110 page hard-cover book that contains the complete lyrics of all Wovenhand records handwritten with illustrations by David Eugene Edwards himself. The elaborate work is accompanied by a six song CD – one song off each album in brand-new and exclusive versions.